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State of the Writing 2021

"The writing is moving along, slower than I had anticipated due to health issues last year, but I am expecting this year to pick up considerably." Oh, such optimism for early 2020. ;) Shortly after creating that post I got a nasty concussion. And then, of course, 2020 2020'd us all. Despite it all, I did finish AD3 at least. I'm doing a lot better now that I've received treatment for my concussion, so once again I am hoping the next year to pick up considerably.

As far as my plans for the next year, I am focusing this month on practicing short stories, and general skills building. I plan to start serious work on a new series by September, but I have not yet decided if it will be Teen Magic or Fire & Water.

Miguel & Mariah

The overhaul of this entire series is complete and all books have been released, and re-branded with new, beautiful covers! All 5 titles are available in ebook or paperback on Amazon. I am planning a omnibus e-book edition later in the year.

Maravilla - A short story about Reina and Emelia that takes place 5 years after the end of AD3. It includes spoilers for the series, so don't read it if you haven't finished the AD3. It is available for free on Vocal.

Guardian - A novella about Mariah's parents, Ayelen Zyanya and Ciro Alvarez.

- AD1 (Amaranth Dawn) rewrite: As i mentioned last year, this book was split. Amaranth Dawn will begin where Mariah's real adventures begin - the day after her engagement to Miguel. I feel the story starts stronger and moves faster this way.

But what about their romance?! Well, I couldn't just delete that, it's a great little story, so Miguel and Mariah's romance story is available on Amazon under the title Aura of Dawn.

-AD 2 (Aeonian Dreams)

-AD 3: (Abiding Destiny)

Short Stories

I have had a lot of fun writing these, and have put out several new ones in the last few weeks. I do plan to put all the "Nameless" series together in an anthology before November. I will also be changing the naming scheme for them soon.

- The Girl & the Stone (previously Nameless): I wrote this one this last spring when I was in the darkest parts of my mental issues between the mTBI (mild Traumatic Brain Injury) and COVID long-hauler brain fog. It was a month-long struggle to get the words out for this story. It recently won a Silver Honorable Mention from Writers of the Future. It will be released as an exclusive story in the Nameless anthology Fall 2021.

- The Watchman & the Fog (previously Once More): it has been release in it's shortened form on Vocal. A longer and more detailed version will be released in the Nameless anthology Fall 2021.

- The Letter & the Package (previously Please): another short story written for Vocal. It will also be included in the Nameless anthology Fall 2021

- The Mother & Her Child (previously Nadir): Complete and available on Amazon

- You & Me (previously Control): Complete and available on Amazon

- The Man & the Train (previously Burdened): Complete and available on Amazon

- The Warrior & His Lady (previously Heartfelt): This short story remains one of my favorites. Complete and available on Amazon

- Guardian: as mentioned above, it is complete and available on Amazon

- Maravilla: as mentioned above, it is a spoiler-filled short story that takes place 5 years after AD3, and is available on Vocal.

Firestone series (working title) - All my focus has been on getting AD1-3 out, so there are no updates here.

This is an expected 3 book high fantasy series. It was meant to be stand alone, but the world and words expanded to fill half a book, and I wasn't even 1/3 of the way through 1/3 of the character's arcs, so I split it into a trilogy.

-FS 1: about 75% complete on the first draft. This story is similar to AD1 in that I hadn't learned to pre-write when I began it, and so it is also stuck in retro-fitting a pre-write and structure. Expected completion date: unknown.

-FS 2 & 3: not started.

Fire & Water series (working title) - All my focus has been on getting AD1-3 out, so there are no updates here.

These books were meant to be straight up Romances, but turns out I can't get more than a sentence into a book before throwing in magic, so they will be Fantasy Romance. :) Each of the three books will address one of three siblings.

FW 1: This book was the first to try to do an honest prewrite before actually writing. The writing of it was so much fun, however, that it ran away with me. I am currently retro-fitting it with missing storylines. 1st Draft: 60% complete, Pre-writing 60% complete. Expected completion date: unknown.

FW 2 & 3: not started

Teen Magic series (working title)

This is a planned 8 book YA series of what will hopefully be somewhat shorter books following a pair of friends through Jr. High and High school. The goal will be to pre-write the entire series before beginning drafts on any of the books. I have done considerable research for this story, and have written the first 2 scenes as well as extensive character sheets. I am planning to create it in two 4 book arcs.

Expected completion date: unknown.

TM series prewrite: 10%

TM 1: Pre-write: 10%

"Comic" Books

Paw Prints: Currently available in ebook, hard cover, and soft cover one Amazon

Paw of Power: Digital drawings are about 50% completed. Still need to do the final inking, and will likely be released in black and white first, with a colored version later. I am honestly considering shelving this project indefinately.

Path of Paws: Initial storyline has been created. After that is initial sketches.

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