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From a young age I told stories. Whether it was my toy horses, or while riding motorcycles in the mountains, I was always telling myself a story. One not very particular day I set pencil to paper and began writing the stories down, and just never stopped.

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Mariah doesn't believe in fate, but when a handsome English sailor steps into her life she might have to reconsider.

She doesn’t believe in fate.
Mariah blames herself for the deaths of the people she loves, from her dog Alistair to killing her mother by just being born. Still reeling from her dog’s death, Mariah just wants life to go back to being simple. Normal. But her father has enemies and the handsome young man her father has hired to protect her makes life anything but simple. Besides, destiny isn’t interested in normalcy.


He doesn’t want any entanglements.

Michael, an English sailor, is looking for a new start in life far away from the betrayals that haunt him, and the quaint, tropical port of colonial Maracaibo appears to be the perfect place. Leaving everything behind him, and adopting a new name Michael - now Miguel - hires on as a bodyguard for a local merchant’s daughter. It sounds straightforward enough, but if life at sea had taught him anything, it’s that nothing is ever as simple as it seems.


Despite herself, Mariah is unable to resist Miguel's charming allure, even as he finds himself drawn to her. But is it enough to overcome traitorous friends and bitter enemies? Adventure, romance, and a touch a mystery! This sweet & witty coming-of-age historical romance has it all!

Aura of Dawn is the fantastic origin story of Miguel and Mariah, a companion prequel to the Zyanya Cycle, and an exciting look at where it all began. Available now on Amazon.


8 April 2020

When a spirit-demon attacks their village, Ayelen Zyanya knows it is her duty as a Dream Walker to stop it, and neither her Spaniard husband, Ciro, nor her twin brother Mattias will stop her. But facing the creature will cost her something precious, if she survives.


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Guardian is a Zyanya Cycle Novella

27 April 2020

Winding his way through the cluttered tunnel a man must reach the toward the final train leaving from the station, his only hope for  safety. 

Burdened is the story of a man torn between holding to his past and reaching the safety of his future.

Available now on Amazon

"Writing is the geometry of the soul"


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