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From a young age I told stories. Whether it was my toy horses, or while riding motorcycles in the mountains, I was always telling myself a story. One not very particular day I set pencil to paper and began writing the stories down, and just never stopped.

14 June 2019

"A shadow takes shape through the blinding white that surrounds me. I blink, but my vision is slow to clear. What is going on? The shadow figure is moving toward me. I blink again, and am relieved to see the familiar shape of you."

Control is the second in my short stories series, and follows the changing dynamic of a relationship over time. Woven to immerse the reader, "Control" speaks of both hope and courage amidst depression and despair.

Available in e-book here.

10 April 2019

"They say pets will leave paw prints on my heart, but I don't think that I believe them."

Paw Prints is a poignant, illustrated story of grief and loss. With gorgeous, full color illustrations on each page, the simple story will resonate deeply with anyone who has loved a dog. Following a woman's contemplation on the loss of her young dog as she takes one last walk through their morning routine, Paw Prints is sure to tug at the heart.

"This is the sweetest little sentimental farewell book to a younger dog ... Short but sweet, it won me over." - Valerie S, Reviewer

"Engaging full color book perfect for adults and children alike. ... Filled with tenderness as she deals with loss and grief. This book may help soothe some that face the same loss." - Deanne P, Reviewer

Available here in Hardback
Available in paperback or ebook here.

March 22, 2019

I am excited to announce the stand alone release of my short story Nadir. First published in the Beyond Instinct fantasy anthology, Nadir is a short story about a single mother's struggle to persevere through her darkest of nights. It is dedicated to all the amazing mothers out there who struggle through the jungles of motherhood.

Available in e-book here.

"Writing is the geometry of the soul"


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