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25 July 2020

"'Where have you been?' she hissed as he swung around, his sword striking the shaft of a pike that had been thrust at them. In a single movement, imbuing his arms and the steel of the blade with speed and an unnatural keenness from the pyxis, he brought the sword up again, and cut through their enemy's neck.
'Right here.'"

In a world of magic and intrigue, a warrior defends his lady from ambush from those she should have been able to trust. But can he defend her from his own magic, controlled by the very man who wants her dead?

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29 Aug 2016 - re-released July 2020

Mariah wants nothing more than a quiet life with Miguel,

but fate has other plans.


Mariah, the daughter of a wealthy 18th century Spanish merchant in colonial Maracaibo, is ready to start her new life with with her soulmate, Miguel. But fate has other plans for her. Tensions are rising between the Spanish colonists and the native Wayuu people, threatening the peaceful future Mariah has planned.

When Mariah learns she is the center of an ancient Wayuu prophecy to destroy a pair of vampires haunting the land, she

doesn’t believe it. As her world falls apart, one bit at a time, Mariah is desperate to hold it together, and inadvertently sends Miguel into the clutches of the very creatures she's meant to defeat.


Determined to save the love of her life, Mariah starts down the path destiny has laid out for her. But will it be enough to rescue Miguel, her people, and herself?

Amaranth Dawn is the first book of the Daughter of Zyanya series. Available now on Amazon.


8 April 2020

When a spirit-demon attacks their village, Ayelen Zyanya knows it is her duty as a Dream Walker to stop it, and neither her Spaniard husband, Ciro, nor her twin brother Mattias will stop her. But facing the creature will cost her something precious, if she survives.


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Guardian is a Daughter of Zyanya Novella

"Writing is the geometry of the soul"


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From a young age I told stories. Whether it was to my toy horses, while drawing and painting pictures, or during motorcycle rides in the mountains, I was always telling myself a story. One not very particular day I set pencil to paper and began writing the stories down, and just never stopped.


I am a proud supporter of Authors for Freedom, and O.U.R.

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