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20 September 2021

Nameless has been awarded a Silver Honorable Mention in Writers of the Future.

In the aftermath of a devastating battle, a young slave searches for her future. She finds, instead, something of more power and worth than she ever imagined possible.

Nameless can be found exclusively as part of Nameless: A Short Story Collection

Available in paperback on Amazon

Available in ebook at your favorite ebook retailer.

25 July 2020

"'Where have you been?' she hissed as he swung around, his sword striking the shaft of a pike that had been thrust at them. In a single movement, imbuing his arms and the steel of the blade with speed and an unnatural keenness from the pyxis, he brought the sword up again, and cut through their enemy's neck.
'Right here.'"

In a world of magic and intrigue, a warrior defends his lady from ambush from those she should have been able to trust. But can he defend her from his own magic, controlled by the very man who wants her dead?

Available in e-book on Amazon


27 April 2020

Winding his way through the cluttered tunnel a man must reach the toward the final train leaving from the station, his only hope for  safety. 

Burdened is the story of a man torn between holding to his past and reaching the safety of his future.

Available on Amazon

14 June 2019

"A shadow takes shape through the blinding white that surrounds me. I blink, but my vision is slow to clear. What is going on? The shadow figure is moving toward me. I blink again, and am relieved to see the familiar shape of you."

Control is the second in my short stories series, and follows the changing dynamic of a relationship over time. Woven to immerse the reader, "Control" speaks of both hope and courage amidst depression and despair.

Available in e-book here.


22 March 2019

First published in Beyond Instinct, a fantasy anthology devoted to motherhood, Nadir is the short story of a young, widowed mother who must face down the dangers of a night on the forest floor as well as her own insecurities and fears to protect her son.

Available now on Amazon e-book here.

Zyanya Cycle - SHORT STORIES



8 April 2020

When a spirit-demon attacks their village, Ayelen Zyanya knows it is her duty as a Dream Walker to stop it, and neither her Spaniard husband, Ciro, nor her twin brother Mattias will stop her. But facing the creature will cost her something precious, if she survives.


Guardian is available on Amazon here.

Guardian is a Zyanya Cycle Novella

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