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10 April 2019

“They say that pets will leave paw prints on my heart. But I don’t think I believe them.”

Paw Prints is a poignant, illustrated story of grief and loss. This story came to me after my experience loosing our family's puppy.

Available now in Hardcover here
and paperback or ebook here.

22 March 2019

First published in Beyond Instinct, a fantasy anthology devoted to motherhood, Nadir is the short story of a young, widowed mother who must face down the dangers of a night on the forest floor as well as her own insecurities and fears to protect her son.

13 March 2018

Mariah has chosen to become a vampire, but she can’t remember why. 
Upon waking in the labyrinthine caves of Sophus, a centuries-old vampire, Mariah can’t remember all the choices that brought her there, but she does know there are dangerous secrets hidden within her. As she learns to control her powerful new body— and its bloodthirsty urges— Mariah discovers a unique ability to travel through a world of spirit, the key to remembering her past, and possibly the future. 
At first, it seems her path is simple: learn to control her bloodlust, find her missing husband, and return with him to raise their son. However, things are more complicated than they seem, and neither Sophus nor her husband’s captor is willing to let them go. Mariah must use whatever skills she can to find her husband and protect her still-mortal son, but will it be enough?

Amaranth Dawn

Coming Soon

The prequel to Aeonian Dreams, and my first published book, Amaranth Dawn is the story of how Mariah met Miguel and the choices that brought her to choose to become a vampire.
It is currently undergoing heavy reworking to prepare the series for its third and final installment.