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Paws of Power

AJ and his dog Skye have regular boy and dog issues: bullies (AJ), fear of loud noises (Skye), the dentist (both). But they also have secret superhero powers. When their town is threatened by the Rock Titan, they become Captain Redaxela and Skye Dog! 

Paws of Power does not yet have an expected release date.

Path of Paws

AJ and his dog Skye are not looking forward to the end of summer. When the weather goes crazy (snow in August?!) when the Ice Titan (a cat) shows up, it looks like a job for Captain Rednaxela and Skye Dog!

Path of Paws does not yet have an expected release date.

10 April 2019

“They say that pets will leave paw prints on my heart. But I don’t think I believe them.”

Paw Prints is a poignant, illustrated story of grief and loss. This story came to me after my experience loosing our family's puppy. 

Available now in Hardcover here
and paperback or ebook here.

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