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12 Book Challenge 2023

So, I might have gone a little nuts the first week of the year.

After taking December, and most of November off from writing, I was bursting with ambition come the first of the year. So, when I stumbled on a fun challenge to read 12 books in 12 months as recommended by 12 friends, I thought, "Hey, that sounds like fun!"

But then my Impulsive Brain said, "Sure, buuuut what if instead of reading 12 books, we WROTE 12 books!"

To which my Executive Function Brain said, "Haha, no. We're not doing that." And then scrolled away from it.

But the Impulsive Brain went and pestered Creative Brain, and together they ambushed Executive Brain until before I knew what was happened, I had committed to writing 12 new novels (or maybe novellas, or even short stories - a concession demanded of Executive Brain as it acquiesced to the railroading it got). And not just any novels, but novels suggested by other people.

So, to that end, I asked around for story ideas with the stipulation that they provide the following: 1) Genre, 20 Sub-genre or mix-n-match genre, 3) Fun trope and 4) Title (by far the most agonizing thing to figure out, barely beating out 'back cover copy' and 'ad copy'. *shudders*)

And thus I present you with THE PLAN (subject to change as life demands, but this is the goal).

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