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Autumn Has Arrived!

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Happy Autumn!  I am love the fall and the cooling weather!

I’m excited that we had a pretty successful launch of Amaranth Dawn! For our first attempt at publishing as an indie author, I think it went fairly well, and we learned a lot.

Now though, I’m focusing on my next two books. Amaranth Dawn’s as yet untitled sequel, which is about 30% of the way through the editing process. I have several scenes to add from different POV characters, and am still working on giving more meat to the story overall.

I am also hard at work on another, unrelated story. This one is straight up fantasy and is currently sitting at about 30,000 words, so about 30% done on the initial draft. The working name for this one is Firestone, and it has been so much fun to write! I spent most of yesterday writing up a brief history of the world and searching for the perfect name for some of the key elements for the story.

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