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Just An Update

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

I know I don’t update this much. I try to stay away from the internet as it can be such a time sucking creature that makes it so one day it’s february, and the next it’s almost August and you still haven’t finished that manuscript…

Anyhow, I am still planning on having AD3 – the final-for-now Miguel, Mariah, & Elisa book out in 2020. However, I have added a project that must be done before that.  I am re-writing Amaranth Dawn (AD1), and have pulled it from sell.

It’s true that it is commonly advised for writers to write their first book, then throw it away because it sucks. While AD1 was not actually the first book I’d ever written, it is the first that I’d finished, and it wasn’t until I had it out there that I finally decided (and told my husband) that I really, really wanted to pursue this ‘writing thing’ seriously.  In the time since then, I’d like to believe I have honed my skill in the craft of writing novels considerably. As such, I feel like AD3 will have a very different feel overall in terms of voicing and craft than AD1, and I’d really rather have all three books feel like they’re meant to be together. Thus, I am rewriting AD1.

Not to worry too much though, the story will remain the same. It should just feel smoother and more richly detailed.

In other matters, I am still working on the firestone fantasy series. It is coming along, and I’m quite excited about it. Given that many, many readers refuse to start a new series until it is complete because they hate waiting for books, I am going to attempt to have the series mostly finished before I release Book 1.  With any luck, that will likely be sometime in 2020 or 2021, and then will release the remaining two shortly thereafter.

As some of you know, I am also working on a Romance genre set of books. I have 3 that are in progress right now, with no definite date on when I will be releasing those.

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