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State of the Writing

Updated: May 31, 2019

I am in the midst of several projects, and thought now would be as good a time as any to lay out where I am with everything, If I could figure out how to put a cool progress bar on my website like a certain AMAZING fantasy author whose work I admire, I would. Short of that, here's an update. :) My goal is to, every day, move at least one of these projects closer to publication.

Miguel & Mariah

This entire series is slated for overhaul and re-release with new cover art when AD3 is ready for publication.

- AD1 rewrite: The actual rewrite is about 30% complete. It is currently undergoing 'prewriting' issues as I try ot iron out the structure of the story. This is the most difficult of the projects, as I wrote it as a 'pantser' - that is, without a true outline, but just a general idea of what I wanted to have happen. It's rather like building a house without a frame, or even blueprints, but a rough idea of what he finished building should look like. Right now, I'm going back onto the building and recreating a framework to help the structure stand stronger and longer. Expected completion date: unknown.

-AD 2: Currently available for purchase on Amazon. As we get nearer to completion of AD3 AD2 will be pulled and possibly overhauled as well.

-AD 3: Pre-writing stage is about 10% complete. The bones of the story was finished before AD1 was published, but there are several additional storylines that have been added and must be addressed. Expected completion date: unknown.

Firestone series (working title)

This is an expected 3 book high fantasy series. It was meant to be stand alone, but the world and words expanded to fill half a book, and I wasn't even 1/3 of the way through 1/3 of the character's arcs, so I split it into a trilogy.

-FS 1: about 75% complete on the first draft. This story is similar to AD1 in that I hadn't learned to pre-write when I began it, and so it is also stuck in retro-fitting a pre-write and structure. Expected completion date: unknown.

-FS 2 & 3: not started.

Fire & Water series (working title)

These books were meant to be straight up Romances, but turns out I can't get more than a sentence into a book before throwing in magic, so they will be Fantasy Romance. :) Each of the three books will address one of three siblings.

FW 1: This book was the first to try to do an honest prewrite before actually writing. The writing of it was so much fun, however, that it ran away with me. I am currently retro-fitting it with missing storylines. 1st Draft: 60% complete, Pre-writing 60% complete. Expected completion date: unknown.

FW 2 & 3: not started

Teen Magic series (working title)

This is a planned 10 book YA series of what will hopefully be somewhat shorter books following a pair of friends through Jr. High and High school. The goal will be to pre-write the entire series before beginning drafts on any of the books. Expected completion date: unknown.

TM series prewrite: 2%

TM 1: Pre-write: 10%

"Comic" Books

Paw Prints: Currently available in ebook, hard cover, and soft cover one Amazon

Paw of Power: initial sketches 90% complete. Next up is official drawings and inkings of the art.

Short Stories

Nadir: available for purchase with Beyond Instinct Anthology or stand alone on Amazon.

Control: in post production, just waiting for cover art to get finished. Expected release date: June 2019

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