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State of the Writing 2020

The writing is moving along, slower than I had anticipated due to health issues last year, but I am expecting this year to pick up considerably.

Miguel & Mariah

This entire series is being overhauled and will be re-released when AD3 is ready for publication.

Guardian - A short story about Mariah's parents, Ayelen Zyanya and Ciro Alvarez. This story is complete and will be available for free to newsletter subscribers as soon as the cover art for it is complete. Expected release: March/April 2020

- AD1 (Amaranth Dawn) rewrite: The actual rewrite is about 90% complete, mostly it is in the editing process. After considerable thought on the matter, the book has been split. Amaranth Dawn will begin where Mariah's real adventures begin - the day after her engagement to Miguel. I feel the story starts stronger and moves faster this way.

But what about their romance?! Well, I couldn't just delete that, it's a great little story, so Miguel and Mariah's romance story (as yet unnamed, I'm still just calling it AD-Romance) will be released as a companion book to the series.

Expected completion date: Summer 2020

-AD 2 (Aeonian Dreams): Currently available for purchase on Amazon. It is currently about 60% through its rewrite, and is much stronger for it.

Expected Release Date: 1-3 months after AD1

-AD 3: Pre-writing stage is about 10% complete. The bones of the story was finished before AD1 was published, but there are several additional storylines that have been added and must be addressed.

Expected release date: With luck, before the end of 2020

Firestone series (working title) - All my focus has been on getting AD1-3 out, so there are no updates here.

This is an expected 3 book high fantasy series. It was meant to be stand alone, but the world and words expanded to fill half a book, and I wasn't even 1/3 of the way through 1/3 of the character's arcs, so I split it into a trilogy.

-FS 1: about 75% complete on the first draft. This story is similar to AD1 in that I hadn't learned to pre-write when I began it, and so it is also stuck in retro-fitting a pre-write and structure. Expected completion date: unknown.

-FS 2 & 3: not started.

Fire & Water series (working title) - All my focus has been on getting AD1-3 out, so there are no updates here.

These books were meant to be straight up Romances, but turns out I can't get more than a sentence into a book before throwing in magic, so they will be Fantasy Romance. :) Each of the three books will address one of three siblings.

FW 1: This book was the first to try to do an honest prewrite before actually writing. The writing of it was so much fun, however, that it ran away with me. I am currently retro-fitting it with missing storylines. 1st Draft: 60% complete, Pre-writing 60% complete. Expected completion date: unknown.

FW 2 & 3: not started

Teen Magic series (working title)

This is a planned 10 book YA series of what will hopefully be somewhat shorter books following a pair of friends through Jr. High and High school. The goal will be to pre-write the entire series before beginning drafts on any of the books. I have done considerable research for this story, and have written the first 2 scenes as well as extensive character sheets. Whenever I need a break from the vampires, I work on this series.

Expected completion date: unknown.

TM series prewrite: 10%

TM 1: Pre-write: 10%

"Comic" Books

Paw Prints: Currently available in ebook, hard cover, and soft cover one Amazon

Paw of Power: Digital drawings are about 50% completed. Still need to do the final inking, and will likely be released in black and white first, with a colored version later.

Path of Paws: Initial storyline has been created. After that is initial sketches.

Short Stories

Nadir: available for purchase with Beyond Instinct Anthology or stand alone on Amazon.

Control: Finished and available for purchase on Amazon

Burdened: in post production, just waiting for cover art to get finished. Expected release date: March 2020

Heartfelt: in post production, just waiting for cover art to get finished. Expected release date: Summer 2020

Guardian: as mentioned above, it is finished and waiting on a cover, and will be available soon for free to newsletter subscribers via bookfunnel

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